This Unisex Watch Design is Awesome!

Okay I am not a fan of LED watches but at times things come up which really snatch my attention. This Unisex LED watch concept is one of such product.

Jislaaik! It is awesome! First of all, it is not at all hefty and ugly like most of the LED watches. It is a neat sporty looking design that would go with nearly all of your apparels. Especially if you are a lover of G-Shock watches, this one would be a great addition to your collection.

What I like most about this watch is, like I said before, its simplicity and toughness. It doesn’t look like just another LED colorful watch. It’s pretty decent and gives you that tough marine look like the G-Shock watches. I am not really sure if girls would be all up for it, but for the guys, it sure is a cool watch. Moreover, the inner LED lights are kept simple as well. You only get them in blue color so the watch doesn’t look eerie at all. Of course most of the LED watches we have seen coming up this year were weird looking when it comes to those blinking green, red, pink, and blue lights. I always wonder who the heck would want those watches. They look so weird! But this one truly is a masterpiece!

The designer of this Tokyoflash concept watch is Heather ,and according to her this watch will be both for girls and guys. Though I doubt the fact that most of the girls would go for it, the tomboy type might like it.

How to read its time?

That sure is one question every person comes up with when he or she sees a new LED watch concept. Luckily, this one keeps things much simple. The watch comes with a design etched on black.

There is a center button that needs to be pushed for the time to be displayed. Each box on the top right of the dial represents 10 minutes whereas each box on the bottom left represents 1 minute. Similarly, the boxes in the center that surround the center button display hours.

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