Urbanears: Clip-In Earphones Fit into Almost Every Ear!

Let us face the truth, not all of us possess well shaped ears and there is hardly anything we can do about it, and to top it up are the woes we face with the standard sized earphones- some are just too small and some just won’t fit! Well your crying days are over as the Gods of earphones have bestowed upon man a new earphone design- Urbanears the Clip-in Earphones.Urbanears clip in earphones3These new clip-in earphones are the outcome of the million cries across the world which crave for an earphone that would simply slip into any ear size and not cause any discomfort to the user. This design offers a brand new style of plugging in your earphones, tiny rubber clips take advantage of the ridge of cartilage that make the helix/anti-helix part of the outer-ear, you simply need to push the headphone against your ear canal and twist the clips into place, once in place they hold on to your ear firmly yet gently without causing any discomfort.Urbanears clip in earphones1

These earphones also feature high-quality construction with cloth-wrapped cords, a remote microphone and play/pause switch, thus you can easily plug it into any of your music interfaces using the standard 3.5mm stereo plug. Selling for just $49.99, its a must have for folks like me with funny ears!Urbanears clip in earphones4

You can also check out the KISS super bass headphones or witness the future in the Eye Controlled Earphones.Urbanears clip in earphones2

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