17 Weird Urinal Designs

There were days when artists and designers wouldn’t want to indulge themselves in re-designing and using their creativity to make something that is considered derogatory and useless. However, as times passed, designers started creating and redesigning anything and everything they could get their hands on. And thus as expected today, everything in this world is redesigned and represented, leaving hardly anything that can be reworked upon. In this article, we have brought to you one such object that you would expect least to be designed and presented differently – Urinals. Yes you heard me right; we have brought to you some of the world’s most amazing urinals ever. Have a look.

Axixa Outdoor Urinal

Is hygiene on your mind when you answer the nature’s call? Then take a look at Axixa Outdoor Urinal. Once you are done with your job, you also have done your bit to maintain hygiene outdoors. This urinal, which takes the shape of the waste itself, makes use of the disposed water to clean the urinals.

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Pocket Urinal

Now here is a design that all you eco-friendly guys might be able to relate to. Designed by TravelJohn, Pocket Urinal is made up of biodegradable substance. What makes it special is its 24×7 availability. When it gets uncontrollable, use this bag which converts urine into an odorless gel for you to carry with you!

Gloo-glow Urinals

Philip Watts Design surely knows how to think out of the box, when it comes to urinal designs. Conventional designs can often get boring! But if creative artists like these get hell-bent on reinventing lavatories, we can expect some great designs to hit the market. Gloo-glow Urinals are made using colored fiber optic plastic to help you locate them easily in the dark.

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Folding Urinal

Urinals in commercial complexes and other public places are generally quite filthy and unhygienic. This makes it quite difficult for use. But if you are shown this design, do you think it would make a difference? With everybody facing a problem of space these days, Folding Urinal or Mister Miser urinal sieve will be highly acknowledged!

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Zebra Urinal

Would you believe me, if I said that urinals could go the designer way too? If no, take a look at this stunning Zebra Urinal. You can also get one in other color combinations but I guess this will look better than the rest!

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Spoon Urinal

For many of us, the loo is not just a place to get relieved, it is also where you wear your thinking cap and let your mind run on various matters. If you are one of these, then this Spoon Urinal design will appeal to you.

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This Soccer Urinal Sieve must have been a huge craze post-FIFA World Cup 2010. But all the soccer fans amongst you who can’t stop humming ‘Waka Waka’ must get one for your toilets too. While you relieve yourself, don’t miss out on the action in the goal post of the urinal.

Urinal Carnival Game

Urinal Carnival Game is definitely an idea of a game freak. Though it is yet a concept, it looks to be outstanding. So you pee and play with water to hit the target similar to the carnival games of squirt guns! It is not just fun but an interesting way to keep your bathrooms clean too.

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‘Bush Legacy’ Urinals

Mr. Bush (all decked up) with the American Flag in the background is set to help you relieve the pain of your bursting bladders through this design. It’s funny, amusing, and weird. I doubt if many of you would want to make use of this urinal sieve.

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Commercial wall-hung urinal

It certainly looks bigger than the regular urinals, but this Commercial Wall-hung Urinal is an interesting choice because it is water-free! Wondering how? Well, this urinal sieve doesn’t use any expensive waste cartridges, microbial blocks, or deodorizing tablets but simple water lock system to flush away the waste. Now this is what I’d call – an absolute hygienic design.

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Sofitel Loo Design

Newly opened in New Zealand, this Sofitel Urinal has been designed to have a funnel like design with background carrying images of women sneaking in to catch a view of you. ‘Oolala’ is what they would utter if they see you peeing! So when you need to pee, just don’t feel shy but enjoy the beauties gazing at you!

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Portuguese Mall Bathrooms

If Sofitel Loo Design was something that would want you to go to the loo frequently, what do you have to say about these Portuguese Mall Bathrooms? It can be quite scary too with the female mannequins (some with wide arms open and others sitting) behind the urinals staring down at you. Do you feel like you are in paradise already?

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Bizarre Urinals

If I were a man, I would wish urinals to be designed like these Bizarre Urinals. I know the time spent in urinals is quite negligible, but so what? In fact, if this design goes public, men would find zillion excuses to stay in the loo. Though these ‘enlarged lips in red’ concept look very sexy, let me share with you a fact – it didn’t work much in reality and had to be removed from the restaurant (in the image).

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Do Not Cheat Urinals

I bet you, out of all the urinal sieve designs, there could be nothing sexier and raunchier than these ‘Do Not Cheat Urinals’. It is a multi-purpose design for sure. You not only pee but get sexually aroused too if you ignore the few defects like the breasts quite not in place, and the bra straps above them!

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Flower Shaped Urinals

The hollyhock, orchid, and daffodil in this image are not just any accessory. These are urinals developed in the English Country Garden Centre to give you a respite from the boring white urinals. These designs also help to hide the stains due to its colorful theme. So vibrant are the urinals that women too wish to have similar designs for them!

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Flower in the Urinal

If the urinals have to have a feminist touch to it, these would be something like ‘Flower in the Urinal’ concept. The main aim of Sun-Young Jung behind using a floral design was to make people realize that loo is also a place of beauty!

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Hands Free Urinal

This is a complete weird version of a urinal that one could imagine and I really wish this will not get launched. Its unusual design can be a disappointment to many of us. The hands in the urinal might be quite fast and strong for you. Why not use your own hands for that matter?

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