USB Electric Shaver would Give a Smart Look to Your Face

There are numerous benefits of shaving with electric shavers but it is a pity that only 30% of men are using the same. But recently because of their awareness, new electric shavers have started coming in the market.Electric ShaverOne such product is USB Electric Shaver, which is priced at $28. With the introduction of new technology almost every other day, electronic shavers have also undergone a sea change in their style and working as compared to the models available a few years ago. For example today’s electronic shavers like USB Electric Shaver can easily be used in conjunction with any shaving cream or shaving gel.

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Earlier, there were some restrictions involved regarding their usage like they can’t be used for a particular type of water, shaving cream, or soap. They were available for dry skin only.

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But USB electric shaver is different, it is not only lightweight or has a portable design but can also be easily accommodated in hand. Moreover, it didn’t require the support of battery but can be operated easily by USB port. So while chatting on your computer you can shave because there is no fear of cuts and wounds involved with the USB electric shaver. The other features of USB electric shaver includes a dual cutter for a clean shave as the shaving area is large, besides it also has an extra long cutter viz. 37.8mm with 0.1 mm space in between the cutter and foil.

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The USB electric shaver captures the hair more efficiently for making a perfect shave as it contains independently floating single head. No doubt it works well with a USB port but it also contains a built-in rechargeable battery. The electric shaver weighs just 117g and has a dimension of 59 x 29 x 92mm. It is available in black and red and has white and green package content. The shaver includes an AC Adapter also.

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The USB electric shaver could also be given as a gift to your boss or colleague because of its perfect compact design. It can also be easily accommodated in your drawer. It is now sure after coming across USB electric shaver more and more men would start using the electric shavers. Other important stuff you may like to see include Herb Intersceptor : An Extraordinary Future Car and   Next Generation Fogless Mirror .

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