VW Pholeum – Green Car With Style

The VW Pholeum – call it the new age car. Though a concept yet, it is a marvelous one. It is a green pod designed for a single person transport that will take the speedway by storm. Designed by Alexei Mikhailov, the Volkswagen Pholeum is a brand new car concept. The design of the controls gives a gaming effect. The brake and gas controls are also situated close to the steering. Being designed for the upcoming generation so used to playing video and computer games, this will be a smooth graduation from game controls to car controls.

The body and panels of the vehicle are made of memory plastic that will take away the frown after minor deformations. There will be no more glaring ugly dents staring back at you. Just in case the damage is a little more serious, the plastic can be melted and remolded to bring back the original look.

The clear body structure makes excellent visibility. The interiors are sparsely designed giving a feel of ample space.

The chassis, which has been given a honey comb shape, is made of aluminum. The shape and the material together make it lightweight on one hand and super strong on the other. The safety aspect has been given extra care with a total of six air bags installed in the entire model. There are two on either side of the pod and one on each of the wheels.

The wheel structure and arrangement are very different from our present collection of cars. It is the car of the future and has to have its own special features. Each tire is fully immersed rubberized and bears an independent spoke arrangement. This allows suspension free shock absorption. Besides this amazing feature, the front wheels have another layer of comfort with them. Since there is an external wheel base, a 360 degree range has been possible to achieve. This will help take away a lot of parking and maneuvering hassles.

The VW Pholeum is the latest entry into the collection of auto designs by Alexei Mikhailov. Along with a superb design, he has also tried to bring in the environment friendly factor.  The rubber used for the tires is completely biodegradable in nature. Each wheel is fit with electric motors. These motors are fed on hydrogen fuel cell technology, the next ‘future fuel’, which will generate enough energy to run the car.

The design, structure and technology conceptualized for this automotive piece has a promising feel about it. When brought to reality it can surely take care of a lot of environmental issues.

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Via: Yanko Design

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