Warsaw – Inspired by Waclaw Sierpinsk

Now this is what we call a good, decent yet stylish LED watch. I usually complain about LED watches for having ugly and hefty bodies but some of them are truly marvelous. And, when I say marvelous I refer to watches like these – The Warsaw watch.

Oh yes, what I forgot to mention is that this watch has been designed by Logan who has also previously impressed us with his LED watches. I don’t hesitate to say that I am a fan of Logan now. I loved his Across Time LED watch and now comes another design by him. Although it is not as masculine looking as Across Time, it still does look like one cool time piece.

What is so cool about this watch?

Well, this watch has a neat appearance for one and secondly, the way it displays time is pretty fascinating. There are triangles in the big triangle inside the dial, which are responsible for displaying the time. Basically, the mini triangles are divided into groups of 3, and there are a total of 4 groups. The top group indicates hours. The one on the bottom left indicates 10 minutes. And the one on the bottom right indicates single minutes.

The good part about this LED watch is that it is pretty simple compared to most of the LED watches we see. It does not have weird light dots blinking here and there. You wouldn’t need to stare at the watch for 10 minutes to read the time. It’s quite simple and you can get to know the time within a fraction of second. The image below further explains about the time displaying capabilities of the watch.

Like I said, I am already a fan of Logan and the brilliant watches he makes. Most of his watches are black overall and they come with a bold design. Although he says that these are unisex watches, I think girls wouldn’t be interested in wearing such masculine looking watches. Anyways, I hope this one comes out real soon so I can have it and so can you. For today, good job Logan!

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