Whiskey Stones Keep Your Booze Cold but Strong

I may never fully understand it, but most of the males in my family are scotch drinkers. There is a certain amount of expected refinement when you’re drinking a glass of scotch on the rocks, but if you drink it on any sort of regular basis you have probably noticed a serious problem. The longer you take to drink your booze, the more it gets watered down. To solve this, some entrepreneurial soul came up with the idea for “whiskey stones,” which promise to keep your drink cold without losing any alcoholic potency.

These stones actually come all the way from Perkinsville, Vermont, and are provided by a few soapstone workers who thought this would be a great idea. Just shove the stones in the freezer for a few hours, then drop them in your local glass of booze, and enjoy! All you need to do after you’re done is rinse the stones out, let them dry, and they are ready to go again and again! I admit, I have a few reservations about putting actual rocks in my drink, but the novelty is definitely there. At a price of $19.99, that seems to be a small price to pay for the privilege of a not-so-watery glass of whiskey. Although why a couple of stone blocks cost twenty bucks might be a fair question to ask.

As you probably know, innovations in the world of alcohol aren’t exactly new, and we have featured a good number of them here on Gadgethim. If you have ever thought of making your own microbrew, well then suit up with this home brewer’s complete beer kit. Alternatively, you can turn your waist into a frosty beverage utility belt with this hop holster. One too many brews just might weigh the belt down though, so handle with care.

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