Wind Chasers, Perfect Gift for the Adventurous

If you are adventurous, you must have come across water sailing and other extreme activities around. Out of the other equipments involved, Wind Chaser is one of them. It is a unique air surfer with a speed of up to 25 mph. Wind ChasersThe best part about it is, there is no requirement for fuel or engines. Wind Chasers are available in different shapes and sizes. These are wind driven go-carts having three wheels, and a triangular sail. Wind chasers are known with different names viz, land sailing, sand Yachting, or Land Yachting.

In this type of product a vehicle is used for land sailing. Since time immemorial, these Wind Chasers are being used for transportation purposes, but nowadays, land sailing or Wind Chasers are merely used as a modern sport to woo tourists in different locations. Wind Chasers usually work best in flat areas and in windy conditions, these could be found mainly on beaches, dry lake beds, air fields or in desert regions.

But in modern times, the most popular wind chasers have three-wheel wind carts that sail like a boat. The particular Wind Chaser in question can be easily fitted in four carrying bags, which are included with the product. These wind chasers can be packed and assembled within minutes. You can use your feet for steering purposes and stopping is done through a hand brake. The wind chaser height is 14 feet, width (66″) and length is (59″). It is an ideal gift for adventurous men and women who know how to handle adventurous things easily. You can also gift wrap the Wind Chaser; the gift wrapping stuff is made of ABS polyurethane, powder coated steel, Dacron sail. The products come with a 7 day return period and free shipping. Moreover, the product distributor offers international shipping facility for this product.

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