Wireless Christmas Tree Candles would Look Awesome

The festivity time is around the corner, have you ever thought how are you going to celebrate Christmas this year? If you have no clues yet, I can give you a wise inkling; bring home the brand new Wireless Christmas Tree Candles . Christmas Candles

This new product would definitely surprise your family and friends. The luxurious, shimmering wireless Christmas tree candles is not an ordinary stuff but is made of high-quality ABS plastic which is not only slender but also elegant. What makes these sophisticated sparkling candles, which weighs only 40g or 1.4 OZ, stand out of the crowd is because they boast of sparkling crystals and are studded with SWAROVSKI elements in it.

After having a look at this fascinating decoration, one can really impress their family and friends with the beautiful decor of precious crystals surrounding the candles with sparkling fire. You can choose a variety of candles, which include champagne colored shafts and beautifully matching crystals or you can choose the classic satin finish. Tiny embedded glitter pieces along with flame-shaped candles look awesome. One of the basic features of this Wireless Christmas Candles is that it can light up for 450 hours; all you have to do is insert the supplied mignon batteries. Its LED has a life-span of 100,000 hours and will shine brightly, besides it can last four times longer than a simple battery operated candle. You can easily control the level of its brightness at the touch of a button. A radio controlled remote control is often used to light all the candles on or off. After seeing the candles you may be wondering as to how these lights stand firmly in their place, it is due to the strong clips which come with stable springs which hold the lights firmly.

Christmas Candle2

To give firmness to the candle a universal joint is provided. These candles are made for indoors use only; by this time you may be wondering how these candles lit, there must be something which would be doing the magic. Yes, there is a cell hidden beneath the candle which does all the operations of lighting. Other products you may like to appreciate include 20 Gummy Bear Art and Designs and Laser Theater for Your Extreme Rock n Roll Parties!

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