Bring Starcraft to Work With this Zerg Messenger Bag

Sometimes when you’re sitting at your local office cubicle, you might want a break from all of the constant paperwork and nagging from the boss as to whether you got that recent corporate memo. It would be nice to be able to take a break once in awhile and fire up your favorite computer game to help shatter the daily routine, but in most offices that probably isn’t an option. Still, at the very least you can look wistfully at your Zerg Messenger Bag and think about all the noobs you are going to stomp on at home while you watch the clock count down.

Yeah, I know, the price is a bit steep, but this is a quality bag we are talking about. This little guy fits up to 15″ laptops and just about any gaming peripheral you can think of. It is constructed from a tear-resistant, weather proof heavy duty 1680D ballistic nylon outer shell, so you know you are getting your money’s worth. It also has an easy one-handed release chest clasp so that you can whip it open in no time flat. The inner lining is padded so that you can take comfort knowing that all of your electronic devices are properly protected. Find out $79.99 isn’t too bad for all of that when you think about it.

If Star Wars seems like it is a bit more appealing to you, then we have you covered. Wear the backpack of the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy with this Boba Fett Plush Rocket Backpack. If you’d rather have a droid with some purpose, pick up the R2 D2 Trash Bin. Sure it is a thankless job, but someone has to step up and do it. Although for R2 D2 that’s probably more of a step down.

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