Make Fire As and When Needed with the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit

One of humankind’s greatest inventions is the ability to create and control fire. Fire helped prehistoric man to cook food, keep warm when the weather was cold, and most importantly, defend himself from nocturnal predators. Ancient civilizations worshipped fire for its life saving and life giving properties.

Creating a fire in modern times is one of the easiest things to do. You could light a flame with a single matchstick. However, if there are no matchsticks or any other source of ignition, then creating a fire is one of the toughest things to do (as learned by boy scouts).

If you are caught in a situation like Tom Hanks’ character in Cast Away, you would have to start a fire using the prehistoric method of rubbing stones together to create a spark. Not anymore. Zippo, creators of fashionable and iconic lighters, have come up with an ingenious lighter model that will help you start a fire even on a deserted island.

The ‘Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit’ is a classic Zippo when it comes to design and form. It is rectangular in shape, with soft-curved edges, and an eye-catching orange color tone. What makes this particular Zippo different from the rest is its ability to start a fire in emergencies, without fail.

With ordinary lighters, you would need to find a dry twig to light a fire. In cold and damp conditions, finding a dry twig would be like hitting the jackpot. The only difference is if you are not lucky, you may end up paying with your dear life. The Zippo Fire Starter Kit has considered this and included four waxed tinder sticks inside the case.

If you are camping outside and the conditions are cold and damp, all you have to do is remove a waxed stick from the Zippo case, fray the ends of the stick and light it with the trademark flint-ignition wheel. Since the case is completely waterproof, the waxed sticks will remain dry in any condition. The Emergency Fire Starter Kit is a no-fuss way to light fires as and when needed.

Zippo’s latest offering is perfect for people who lead an active outdoor lifestyle. It is also a lifesaver, if you were to land up on a deserted island. With the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit, you could start a fire in minutes, unlike Tom Hanks’ character who took half a day to start a fire. Now you too can get one at £19.95.

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