Boondock Saints Action Figures Are Highly Detailed

If you have loved Conner MacManus and Murphy MacManus of ‘The Boondock Saints’ fame, you will certainly dote on these action figures that take inspiration from the cult classic movie. The first thing that strikes you is the mind-boggling drawing board replication of the MacManus twins. The detailing is immaculate, down to the most miniature of wrinkles.

boondock saints action figures

It has been a decade since the movie hit the screens and a new Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day is finally coming soon. Over the years, the MacManus fraternal twins have built a strong fan base and the list is expanding, so the launch of these products is, therefore, perfectly timed to pay tribute to one of the world’s most loved movie characters. The Conner and Murphy figures, like the inseparability displayed in the movie, come in a pack of two – which includes one of each MacManus twin. The action figures are equipped with the trademark pistols and also come with interchangeable heads, as well as accessories. Priced at $28.99, the product may not be quite economical, but for groupies, this should pose no problem at all.

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