Control Your Pain and Stress with the Magical Massage Gloves

There is magic in your fingers. Strap on the new pair of massage gloves and within a minute your ordinary pair of hands will transform into a machine sending out vibrations ranging from 16000 to 18000 vibration impulses. Sounds magical, isn’t it?Massage gloves have been around for quite some time but never before was a piece like this created. This brand new pair of gloves stands true to their name in being gloves rather than mittens.

The mere look of them does give a very powerful feel. Once you have adorned them and applied to your body you will get to experience the actual power they generate. The rate at which a conventional massage glove vibrates is just over 4000 vibrations per minute. Compare it to these vibrating fingers which go from 16000-18000 vibrations per minute. That means a faster rate at which your muscles can relax.

When you come home tired and worn out, you would long for a good massage session. What would be better than doing it yourself? You know where you feel the pain and tension, and can comfortably hit the target accurately. Since these gloves are shaped like fingers it is possible to reach almost every body part. With fingers spread out wide apart it is also easy to go for a head massage. You can feel your hair getting relaxed right up to the roots. In turn, your brains relax sending out an easy and comforting feeling to the rest of the body.

Operating the gloves is pretty easy. The gloves can run on battery or AC power. Each one is controlled by an individual detachable controller which can be strapped on to the wrists with the glove. To start with a session, select the preferred type of setting from the controller. For areas such as neck or back it is best to select the five-finger setting when all five fingers vibrate. When massaging around the eye areas, select the two finger setting.

The gloves come in two sizes of small/medium and large/extra large. Soft imitation suede, nylon, and elastane are the materials used for the gloves. Maintenance is not an issue since the gloves can be safely washed.

With the powerful massage gloves you now can take control of your pains and tension. Every time you need a little soothing simply strap on your gloves and satisfy yourself. The fact that they are small and lightweight adds on to their advantages. Take them along wherever you go and keep tiredness at bay. It is available at £125.00.

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