Dial Concept Revives the Ubiquitous Pocket Watch

There is nothing better than a tiny gadget that does more than it was intended to do. We may have cellphones with camera, music player and others but portable technology is so much more than just that! Erik Lanuza from Oslo, Norway has designed the Dial, a pocket watch concept.


The idea was to revive the idea of a pocket watch and make it more suitable to the present day we live in when a gadget does more than its initial function. In fact, the Dial concept was designed as a result on the study of portable technology.



It comes with a user friendly interface that tells you alerts, and they can be accessed from a friendly menu. You could enter text for your alerts thanks to the circular keyboard, and the camera and audio plugs help you to capture images and perhaps listen to music or radio.


It has a stylish design and could be carried in the pocket just like the vintage pocket watches off the yesteryears. You could also take a look at other pocket watch designs such as the Abyss LED Watch, the geeky Binary Watch or the Poptone Puzzle Watch.

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