Neon Genesis Evangelion Headphones Bring NERV to You

It has been quite awhile since I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion, but my view of the series is still quite vivid. I loved the characters and the story, but the ending was … well we will leave it as confusing. Still, I have always enjoyed Evangelion gear, and these Neon Genesis Evangelion Headphones are particularly cool.

These limited edition headphones are “official merchandise,” and each features the distinctive markings of the films’ characters (or their respective equipment). You have the option of picking up Shogo-ki’s EVA 01, one of the popular models. Alternatively, you can paint with a much larger brush and just include the whole NERV organization. Both of the headphones are foldable, which helps to maximize portability and they can be easily adjusted to fit different sized heads. That is definitely good news, since I have a huge noggin. Still, you will have to be quite the fan to pick these up, because they are going to cost you. At a price of $89 USD, I would hope that these headphones are built for serious sturdiness.  That doesn’t include the rather steep $23 you will have to pay for shipping as well. Unfortunately, it seems that is the price of complete awesomeness. Take it or leave it!

If you are getting ready for Katsucon and want to pick up some extra fan gear, you have come to the right place. The ever popular Anime Studio lets your kids create their very own animated movie, for example. Alternatively, you can enjoy the Dai Shogun Kiriko Ninja Costume 3D Mouse Pad for something more on the naughty side. Fanservice is an important aspect of anime, after all. Besides, it is enough of a mouthful that you probably won’t be able to successfully explain why a 3D well-endowed anime girl is on your mose pad.

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