Geeky Musical Shirts Bring Back the Groove in Your Life

Whoever could have imagined that the t-shirts which we wear could actually entertain us? If you still do not understand, you might not have heard about t-shirts that play music and entertain the wearer and those around him/her.

electronic guitar shirt

The Personal Soundtrack Shirt is $29.99 and has been designed by the geeks at ThinkGeek Labs, allowing you to play a soundtrack, or a background jingle every time you do something. You could have a separate tune for brushing teeth, washing face, meeting your best friend and things like that.

personal soundtrack shirt

If just playing recording background music does not satisfy you, you could try the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt which is also just $29.99 and actually allows you to play the guitar. It is being touted as the “Wearable guitar”.

electronic drumkit shirt

If you are wearing the guitar t-shirt, you could ask your friend to wear the Electronic Drum Kit Shirt which would provide you with the percussion that is needed and is available for the same price of just $29.99.

In fact, with the Soundtrack T-shirt and the guitar and Drum Kit shirts, you could create a symphony of your own, if you have a couple of guys who do not mind wearing these geeky shirts. It actually might be fun to try these shirts out and they do not look too bad either, and are quite affordable. What’s more, you could even wash them in the machine. If you love music a lot, you could also try the Jimi Hendrix Bobble Head, and pay respects to him.

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