Your Very Own Genetic DNA Art Is The New Thing To Flaunt Your Uniqueness

In this ever pacing world we all like to stand out in the crowd, be it because of our gadgets, our personality, our looks or anything else; but sadly we all do realize the ugly truth, that there is always some other person in the crowd with probably the exact same qualities as you, which might not make you the unique character you think you are. But this new cool art is something that guarantees that what you own is one of it’s kind in the Whole Wide World, (except if you have a clone) this amazing new technology uses the unique code of every human-the DNA (Dioxy Ribonucleic acid).

DNA Portrait1

The human DNA is so unique that no two persons on the earth can share the same set of DNA, not even twins!, and this particular technique has been used by the forensic department for a very long time in order to identify criminals. This very same technology is now being implemented to create a unique art form so unique that no one in the whole world would be able to replicate it. All they do is take a few samples from your mouth and then take it to their lab for processing, perform the standard procedures and in 6-8 weeks your very own DNA art is ready for display on your shelves or on your office tables.

DNA Portrait2

So get your very own DNA art that comes for only $129.99, thanks to which you will never encounter another identity crisis.

DNA Portrait3

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