Gift a Chocolate Covered iPad

People usually think of wacky gift ideas in order to surprise friends on their birthdays. A selected few, however, go beyond the wacky gift idea, and instead, think of a supremely creative way of packaging a birthday gift.

Of all the unusual gift-packaging stories, the following anecdote takes the cake (or chocolate) probably.

Stefan Magdalinski is a commercial website designer and a loving husband. His wife is an obsessive Apple fan. For her birthday, Stefan decided to gift her an Apple iPad.  An iPad would make her very happy, but it seemed a little ordinary. It lacks the mystery and romanticism of a memorable birthday gift.

Inspiration finally struck Stefan while he was having some chocolate pudding. ‘Why not package the iPad in a solid chocolate wrapping.’ Mrs. Magdalisnski loves chocolates and this would certainly make a perfect birthday gift: An Apple iPad gift-wrapped in chocolate.

To execute his inspiration, Stefan would first have to get his hands on an iPad. Since he stays in South Africa (where iPads are still not available), the website designer had to call up a friend in London and requested him to buy a shiny new Apple iPad. Next, Stefan called up two other friends, James and Paul, and asked them if they could freeze a chocolate coating over the iPad before sending it to South Africa.

Now James and Paul have an interesting back-story. They manage and run one of London’s finest chocolate shops, Paul A Young Fine Chocolates. Paul is also a celebrity chef who has appeared on food and drink shows. A chocolate covered iPad that needed to survive its remarkable voyage from cold London to warm and sunny South Africa would prove to be one of James-and-Paul’s greatest chocolate challenges.

For the wrap, an inch thick chocolate coating was laid on top of a plastic sheet that covered the iPad. Before the freezing process, violet ribbons were inserted inside the chocolate that would help Mrs. Magdalinski in ‘unwrapping’ the unique package. With long hours and a little luck, the duo perfected the process.

After Stefan received the chocolate wrapped iPad from London, all he had to do was give the package to his wife and hope the gift would work its magic.

When Mrs. Magdalinski received the gift, she initially thought that her husband had given her a 2kg chocolate. Her joy knew no bounds when she eventually discovered an iPad hidden safely in the chocolate. Stefan had succeeded in giving his beloved wife a truly memorable birthday present.

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