Green Speaker Is A Step Towards The Environment’s Well Being

Increasing of global warming and environment degradation has finally struck the eyes of the people and that’s why, nowadays many eco friendly devices are being created. Whether its cars or anything else, people are trying to make it as much as eco friendly it can be.

Green Speakers02

Although it’s quite natural that it takes time for the result to be seen, but in the end, results will be seen. Going back to the design, here is one design which is very simple but really affective and cute as well. These are called “Green Desktop Stereo Speakers” which is another addition to the green label.

Green Speakers01

This one is quite an excellent for the creative minded as you can portray your talent on its body as it has been made from 1.8mm thick A9A cardboard paper, allowing you to pour out your imagination on itself. Those are not only excellent but even have efficient 4 watt speakers i.e. 1 box speaker is of 2W.

Green Speakers06

Its high quality sound emitting factor gives your ears a soothing time. The best thing about these speakers is that they are compatible with almost every device which plays songs.

Green Speakers04

I mean to say that these CVPV-G218 Green Speakers can be attached to your desktop computer, laptop, notebook, MP3, MP4, MP6 players, iPhone, Dingoo A320, iPod and the list goes on.

Green Speakers03

It is an excellent innovative gadget for everyone which can also be folded in shapes and kept as showpiece while the music plays. If you want to bring this home, each speaker costs $4.25.

You can see some more such eco-friendly gadgets like Eco Gadget Light Flower or Genevia iPod Speaker , which are really out of the world by style.

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