Hand-held Paper Shredder; Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

This is yet another one of those gadgets that ranks high on the ‘essential’ & ‘utility’ lists, owing to the increasing amount of identity theft cases in the community, making sure that your information remains confidential is a major task and the portable Hand Held Paper Shredder is here to assist you in achieving the same.Handheld Paper Shredder1This cool paper shredder is a lot smaller compared to the giant ones you’ll normally find in your office space, also it does not require any batteries or any external power supply, the whole magic is done by a simple twist of your wrist!Handheld Paper Shredder2

Measuring 6″ in length and 1.5″ in diameter, this cool paper shredder can easily fit into your bag or briefcase; it can shred one page at a time folded into thirds or easily eat away an entire envelope, basically it can shred through anything- bills, notes, ex-girlfriend pics, break-up letters and practically anything. Selling for just $23.99, this is one of those must have gadgets around your office space or your house.Handheld Paper Shredder3

So make sure you protect your identity and let this cool Hand help paper shredder assist you in the job, in fact you can also have a look at some other useful gadgets like the Pen Holder & Hard Drive Clock or the super geeky R2D2 Trash Can.

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