This Wrench Gives ‘Lend A hand’ A Whole New Meaning

Well, the wrench may not be the most primitive tool but its value to any grease monkey is indisputable (except when it comes to a bottle opener) and with the passage of time it has taken on many different forms, molding itself to fit its owners needs; however this new avatar its taken is definitely something unconventional.

Hand Shaped Wrench

This hand-held wrench by designmartusmimics the human hand to great accuracy, with the opposable thumb here acting as the adjustable gripping arm. The wrench itself looks really cool and should not be counted out as a ‘show piece’ because of its looks, this tool is made from cast bronze with dimensions of 24″ x 3″ x 4.5″ thus making it more than prepared for any handy work around the house. Even though this wrench may not be considered for heavy duty use say in a garage but it will be a perfect for a geek’s toolbox.

Even though this wrench has the looks and the performance one glitch that it may have it that it too will get stuck in place where our fingers don’t reach. However that may not be the case in most circumstances and if your looking to compile a toolbox of like shaped tools this Hand shaped hammer may just spark your interest.

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