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For people who like to keep themselves fit by running, measuring heartbeats is an important part of the training regimen. Professional runners too like to keep a track of how their heart beats to improve speed and endurance when they train. Tracking the heart rate helps a runner know the limits of their endurance.There are portable heart rate monitors (or ECG monitors) available that can be worn by the runner while training. Most of these compact heart monitors are wristwatches that can be strapped on. The watch measures the heart rate through sensors attached to the base of the watch.

Quality online retailers, Hammacher Schlemmer, have on display a portable heart rate monitor that is more compact than a wristwatch and adds dollops of style to your training regimen. The Heart Rate Ring is a sleek, sturdy device that fits comfortably on your index finger. It has a high contrast LCD screen that displays the heart rate in a clean, uncluttered manner.

The Heart Rate Ring is an unusually good-looking training accessory. The developers have kept in mind that simplicity needs to be the key, as far as the design is concerned. A black and white color tone covers the body frame. White is sported on the display while the finger grip is covered in black. The rectangular LCD screen covers the entire top portion of the Heart Rate Ring.

To use the portable heart rate monitor all that the user has to do is press a button placed below the LCD display. Once the button is pressed, the compact device would automatically track your heart rate. The high contrast LCD allows the user to view the screen even if you are training in bright sunny conditions.

Though the primary function of the Heart Rate Ring is to provide an accurate reading of a person’s heart rate, it can also be used to measure factors. You can set an optimal beats-per-minute target zone and the ring will alert you if your heart rate falls above or below the zone while training. Apart from this, the smart gadget also counts steps taken, distance travelled, and calculates the amount of calories burnt. In other words, the ring is a complete training accessory.

The USP of the Heart Rate Ring from Hammacher Schlemmer is that it is a stylish, portable heart rate monitor which costs $49.95. For more information check out

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