Hop Holster, A Fun Concept For A Can Holder

Next time at the big football match you are surely gonna impress your friends when you tuck out a beer from your Hop Holster Can holder. Yeah, with this cool and funky way to carry cans, you can finally find the child in you.

Hop Holster, A Fun Concept For A Can Holder-1

The hop holster is one of the latest accessories when it comes to carrying cans. A single belt can carry six cans at a time, and no matter how good your stamina is, I believe that by the time you reach out for the sixth can, you’re definitely gonna lose the count, what say? The hop holster has some kind of thermostat capabilities and hence, it keeps your can cold for a pretty much longer time. The strap is adjustable from 28 inches to 48 inches, so that even if you have that beer belly, you need not worry. The holster also sports a secret compartment for some secret stuff that you might wanna carry around with your cans. Fashion fiestas need not worry, for the belt is available in a variety of stylish colors namely, apple red, royal blue, hunting orange, workman’s gray, and camouflage.

Hop Holster, A Fun Concept For A Can Holder-2

The accessory is up for grabs and comes along with a price tag of around $20, which I won’t mind spending if what I get in return is stuff as cool as this. People who are game would also like to check out the Golf Club Drink Dispenser and a collection of Weird Wine Bottle Openers.

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