Intuitive Chess Set Looks Really Glossy

Chess isn’t exactly many people’s favorite game and it certainly isn’t mine either. Hence, if one were to market a chessboard to a person who does not actually like it much, the package must be really attractive and it must be able to answer the question “What’s in it for me?”.

intuitive chess set

The “Intuitive Chess Set” designed by Reggie Wilson packages this game into something chic and glossy. In fact, the chess pieces are made of Lucite and glass which give a really glossy look to them. The board is made of glass as well, and the frosted checker pattern looks very shiny and glossy indeed.

intuitive chess set pieces close up

The chess board and the chess pieces are designed in such a way that the player intuitively remembers where he had made the move and where best to make the next move. Though technically there isn’t much to the Intuitive Chess Set, and there isn’t anything literally intuitive about the design, it certainly appeals to the user visually thanks to all the glossy chess pieces and the shiny chess board.

intuitive chess set full

If you always disliked chess but were curious to learn the game, you could try and get one of these sets for yourself for a change. I would rather go with this cool Lego Foosball Table which provides you with endless fun. If you do not want to use your brains at all, you could get yourself these awesome Playboy Hugh Hefner Bobble Heads.

intuitive chess set pieces

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3 thoughts on “Intuitive Chess Set Looks Really Glossy

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  3. Jade Margery .

    As a chess player and a professional designer, I have to point out that this set is terribly designed and would be useless to both a beginner and an avid chess player.

    Start with the fact that there’s no visual difference between the rook and the bishop. One slight turn in a complicated position is all you would need to forget which piece you had where. The same goes for the king and queen. In a game that requires one to reevaluate an entire board at a glance, a small difference in height is not enough to accurately identify the pieces.

    Also, if one were trying to describe the movement of a knight, two lines of equal length are misleading. The knight moves one square over then two, so one side should be shorter than the other. Also, the shape of the pawns shows no indication of how they capture on diagonals.

    The only thing this chess set has going for it is that it is shiny. There are far better sets out there that display the movement of the pieces better, and those without being pretentious.

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