iPhone Cup Holder Allows You To Text While Holding Your Coffee

Here comes a gadget that addresses an every-day complain for those of us who love coffee. Now, people get to use their phone and text while holding their coffee cups!


People call this the UpperCup. It’s a project that is actually pretty damn interesting, as it’s an iPhone case capable of extending a cup holder where users can place their coffee cups so they can text using both hands. Just don’t try to put the phone away before taking the cup away, or you’ll be in for some burns.


If you think that this is a good idea, you might actually want to show up at their pageĀ IndieGoGo, where they are trying to raise the $25,000 required to fund this project. We wish them and you good luck in the endeavor, we can’t wait until we start seeing these everywhere.


Source: Bit Rebels

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