The New Age Nail Clipper: Klhip

If we were to ask you to name one device, apart from the wheel, that has not undergone any form of change since its invention during the industrial age, what would your reply be? The answer is closer than you think; an everyday device that can easily be found at home. If you are still scratching your head and searching for the answer, you may be surprised to know that it is the nail cutter.Yes, the small simple manicure and pedicure tool created by Klhip has retained the same form and shape ever since its introduction into our daily lives. One of the reasons why the nail cutter has escaped scrutiny is because of the mundane task it performs. The reader may feel that the cutting tool is perfect as it is.

Scratch below the surface and the ubiquitous nail cutter comes across as a messy affair. It is quite difficult for an average person to shape their nails using a nail cutter. There is also the mess that a cutter creates after you have finished trimming your nails.

All this is history with the ‘Klhip’, a new millennium version of the centuries old nail cutter. Klhip promises to be the ultimate clipper with intelligent, yet simple, modifications to the plastic and steel nail cutter.

The body shape of the new age nail clipper is pretty much similar to the old school version: A slim, rectangular body accompanied by teeth at the front to trim nails. The innovation and re-engineering comes in the form of the lever that is used to extract pressure on the nail.

Klhip features a modern pressure lever, attached to the side of the body that exerts the right amount of pressure on the nail. As a result, the nail cuttings do not spray around and is caught in the body of the clipper. The innovative pressure lever also allows the user to cut their nails with more amount of control. After trimming your nails with the Klhip, you may not require to file the nail.

Old school cutters did not have much of an aesthetic quality to write about. Klhip has the looks to impress the most discerning amongst us. The body is made up of a durable surgical stainless steel body and is covered in a matt grey color tone.

Klhip received the ID Magazine design award in August 2010. If you wish to know more about the new age clipper log on to

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