This Bright Lego Radio Alarm Clock Looks Gorgeous Too

I guess Lego became bored of making toys, games and now is trying their hands on new innovative things. It’s really good to start of with small but cool things and that’s what they are doing nowadays. One among those creative is, this cute little Alarm Clock the “Lego Radio Alarm Clock” is the savior of all those lazy bums like me who love to sleep and done even move a muscle when the alarms ringing.

Lego Radio Alarm Clock 6

This bright colored alarm is the perfect device as the user won’t have to hear any more of those ear-aching noises emitted by the normal alarm clocks. Lego has smartly given it the shape of a standard block as all the Lego lovers fancy bricking which create the fancy stuff with blocks, but the only difference is that this one is ten times the size of a regular Lego block.

Lego Radio Alarm Clock

It only adds to the advantage because those circular ‘studs’ are there to control the volume and even work as a tuner knob. This exquisite alarm even boasts of having an adjustable black lit display which is useful in showing the time.

Lego Radio Alarm Clock 5

The best feature of all is that if you have had a tiring night, don’t forget to keep it near by your hand so that when your favorite FM starts playing as the alarm tune, you can whack the volume dial without taking tension of breaking it but that doesn’t mean you can practice your karate lessons on it.

Lego Radio Alarm Clock 2 Lego Radio Alarm Clock 1

Lego Radio Alarm Clock 4 Lego Radio Alarm Clock 3.jpg

Don’t miss it because the volume doubles up as soon as the alarm goes in the snooze mode.

Not only useful but its stylish look adds up to the aesthetic features of your room. It’s available with a price tag of £24.99.

You can see some varied interesting devices too like Lego Consoles or in as different taste  Star Wars Storm Trooper Cufflinks, you may like.

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