Light Up Roulette T-Shirt turns You Into A Living Casino!

Las Vegas had a great boon in their sales recently, all thanks to the CES show, and if you could not catch up with all the action over there then you should probably check out this cool new Roulette T-Shirt, something that promises to turn you into a living and moving casino Table! This light up T-shirt is something that every person in Las Vegas would love to have.

Roulette T-Shirt

This T-shirt features a light up roulette wheel which spins and automatically settles on a lucky number, something that will attract the crowds from all over the place. This T-shirt is probably the best outfit one would portray oneself while going through the streets of Las Vegas, and I wonder how many people would not seem to notice it, and thanks to the light up Roulette Wheel you can take on as many bets as you like, and probably even open your own miniature Roulette joint in your backyard.

This cool T-shirt is a part of the huge collection of light up shirts available in the market, but selling for 24.99 Pounds this particular apparel comes at a steep price, but for people willing to spend millions at the table this is just a small change in the pocket. And in order to go with the cool T-shirt are these extremely geeky pair of gaming shoes, so get out there and start making some money!

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