This Miniature RC Hummer Brings Off-Roading To Your Office

No matter how much of a badass adrenalin junkie one may be over the weekend,  when the boss beckons they all heed, getting back to crunching numbers behind a desk every Monday all the while hoping and waiting for the glorious Saturday to return once again. But the wait may not be so long after all for here comes the new Miniature hummer that will definitely take some of the stress out of a boring week at work.

Hummer 1
This Hummer (1/58 scale) though is not like most other scale models this one doesn’t just look cool but also mimics the real thing in performance (on a 1/58 scale too), some of its super 4×4 abilities include marching up a 40° slope, climbing a small step or if it boils down to it, even navigating the bumpy terrain of a keyboard. The toy comes with an IR controller for drive-ability and with DYI off road sets to create terrains that are not usually found in an office habitat.

Hummer 2
Alas! with all this power there is a price to pay, the mini hummer has a battery life of just 15 minutes (which can be strategically used in the coffee break at work). Surprisingly however is that this small monster retails for just under $29.

Hummer 3Another cool Remote control toy would be this Hammer head shark and this Power surf board is something that should have come with a remote control.

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