Nikon Camera Cakes Are A Peek Into Photography’s Tasty Side

It is said that necessity is the mother of all invention and it seems that this is not limited to just science, with photography winning hearts the world over even a fan has experimented with cameras and the results are just fascinating.

Nikon-Camera-Cake-design image

The cakes by debbiedoescakes have been sculpted with a level of realism that is truly awe-inspiring even matching the color of the cameras to that of the originals and as for the mind blowing detailing(especially the work done with the screws and the lens), it portrays the artist’s enthusiasm and attention to detail. Infact these cakes are so realistic that at first glance one would actually believe that they are real cameras. The cakes would surely be the highlight of any photographer’s  or camera lover’s birthday and on closer inspection of the pictures one will notice that, that is the very purpose of creating these beauties.

So, if you plan to hold the perfect surprise birthday bash for that photography lover make sure you get this Human Eyeball Webcam to go along with the cake. And while the topic of cakes is open do have a look at The Killer Darth Maul cake and the Ghostbusters cakes that are tasty oddities to the cake world.

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