Nintendo Gameboy Cake is Sweet

The Nintendo Gameboy won’t deliver the hours of fun it used to when it’s compared to such handhelds as the Sony PSP or Nintendo DSi, but this cake makes up for it in the sweetest Gameboy we have ever seen.

nintendo gameboy cake design

The Gameboy cake by Robbie Gates makes me forget all about Video game innovation and crazy graphics because it looks amazing. It was made as a beautiful Video Game Cake and combines two retro gaming subjects: Gameboy and Tetris.

Now the cake is simply shaped like Gameboy, but along with the frosting design and colorful M&M’s that now represent colorful Tetris Bricks, it is a masterpiece for classic gaming.

I don’t know about you, but if this cake was in front of me, it wouldn’t last long, and Tetris would definitely not hit any high scores.

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