One Perfect Cup!

Now, this is what we call a marvelous creation! Sven MILCENT and the Utopik Design Lab created a cup that can be used for any purpose. Imagine, one set of cups, and all your needs are taken care of. Believe it or not, this one perfect cup can actually be used for anything.

Whether you are arranging a formal dinner at your place, and you need wine glasses or you need champagne glasses for your official party, these cups can do the job!

The styles you get in the glass are well, restricted to the four main types; cognac, water, wine, and champagne. But, that is just for letting people know that ‘hey, this glass can handle it all’. In reality, these glasses can be used for anything. The head remains the same, while you need to change the base or the grip, as you may call it, to make the glass appropriate for the occasion.

Now apart from all that, the good thing is that these glasses are elegant and very stylish. Unlike other similar stuff, these just don’t suit your needs but also add a style statement to your occasions. Maybe you don’t want that, but that’s okay you can keep them as simple glasses. Isn’t that cool? For sure that is, especially for the party boys! Wine and champagne parties are especially now all easy to go! You don’t even need to take the glasses on rent from caterers. Once you have these glasses, the world of partying is yours.

Well, I am not quite sure if you are all impressed with those glasses, but right now I am. I am pretty much excited about the whole concept. Although there is nothing unusual about it, still these glasses set a level of caliber for themselves. As they say, first come first get, so is the case with these glasses. It’s not that others couldn’t make it, but of course right now, it’s Sven MILCENT & Utopik Design Lab that has come up with the concept, so we need to appreciate them. Good job folks we loved the design!

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Via: Yanko Design

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