Periodic Table Cupcakes Make Chemistry Sound Sweet

There are many guys who have hated chemistry in school because of all the nasty smells the chemistry lab usually generates during those experiments. Thus, no one can actually associate the periodic table with something sweet and something that is aromatic and delicious. Kimmy, who recently turned 18 decided to recreate the periodic table in the form of cupcakes for her birthday.

periodic table cupcake

With all the cupcakes neatly arranged and with the information of different elements on each cup, the Periodic Table Cupcakes by Melapenguin look pretty informative alongside being tasty, if you asked me.

periodic table cupcake making

They come in different colors and each one looks better than the other. If you have a kid who hates the periodic tables and chemistry as a whole, you could try and bake him or her Periodic Tables Cupcakes too!

periodic table cupcake kim

Otherwise, you could also use this idea to make learning fun and less boring for many other subjects in a similar manner. Moreover, there is nothing cooler than eating your periodic tables and just forgetting about chemistry as a subject for good. You could check out other less informative cakes like the Ultimate Gaming Cake and the Nintendo Gameboy Cake which are just as delicious but less academic. I am already hungry.

periodic table cupcake side

periodic table cupcake icing

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