POV.HD Video System by V.I.O.

Think about it – is every other High Definition recording device of the same quality? Do they offer the same video recording capabilities? I personally think no and V.I.O. supports this idea as well. Oh you don’t know what V.I.O. is?

Well, V.I.O. is the number one manufacturer of point-of-view video technology but seeing the industry trends, V.I.O. has now decided to take a step further. How? Well, V.I.O. has announced its latest POV. HD camera!

What is the POV. Camera all about?

If you want a rugged, easy to use, and flexible video camera then this one is for you! Basically, this video camera has been aimed for professionals and athletes who are always on the lookout for high definition video recording devices which can offer them superb video recording capabilities and at the same easy handling. Oh and by the way, this one can handle extreme environmental conditions as well so there is no reason for you not to like it.

The all new POV.HD comes with new in-field technology capabilities and can record around 5hours of HD video straight away. The good part is that you get all of this in a small tiny robust body. I would personally say that you have unlimited options of video recording if you have this camera on hand!

The camera is not out yet so we don’t have the complete list of features. But, what we know through their news is that they have designed this camera based on the feedback users have provided them with over the years. The camera will come with a 2 inch LCD display which of course is meant for you to view whatever you are recording right then and there. You also get some editing options and controlling exposure options in the camera.

The recording device is powered by Texas Instruments’ new Da Vinci DM368 Video Processor which definitely means that it is one great camera to have. It supports real-time video pipeline which is meant for improving the image quality. The camera is capable of producing crisp HD video of 1080p resolution.

There is so much more about the camera which we will tell you as soon as it is released in the markets. So stay tuned with us!

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Via: prnewswire

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