Presence: The Complete Home Theatre

Imagine leading a quiet life with absolutely no noise at all! Feels weird right? Sound and music, aspects that have become an inevitable part of our lives today, create magic each time they ring in our ears. The calmness they create, the power they have, simply speechless! Well, silence around the sound is very important if you really want to lose yourself deep in the music. Well, unite with the music and sound around you, with the help of ‘Presence’ from Bodor Audio.Discovering teeny weenie facets of the music enhances your experience of listening to it. This creates a feeling of completeness and fuses you into the music. You get transported into a whole new world. ‘Presence’ is brought to you just for this since Bodor Audio wanted to deliver to its customer nothing but a complete system with enhanced music. Also, they wanted to make sure the system’s exterior fell in line with the interiors housing it. Moreover, ‘Presence’ does not just constitute the audio factor but also carries along the visual quotient along with it. The complete package includes a multi speed CD player, a pre-amplifier, an amplifier, loudspeakers of size XL and L, a vibration damper, a 50 inch plasma TV and of course interconnect, digital and loudspeaker cables. Anyhow, looks like the project is all set to let you have an experience of lifetime forever.

One major idea behind creating this is, ‘Presence’ ends up using much less energy than what other everyday systems might consume. Highly efficient, it is one complete package of equipments for entertainment while saving energy. So you can turn up the volume and entertain yourself to the best while not wasting much electricity. Perfect for a home theatre themed interior, the ‘Presence’ is enabled such that the system parts can be placed as you like. Thus, you will have a custom set up fixed by the crew according to your ideas. The basic concept of the electronics including the design and development are the works of Bodor Audio, while MYD-II interior and design studio have taken care of the exteriors of the system. Thus, Bodor Audio and MYD-II cooperated together to form the Bodor Audio+. ‘Presence’, the development, was showcased in the Home Theatre and Hi-Fi show conducted in Budapest this year and received great reviews.

Sounding like a worthy investment, the ‘Presence’ is sure to offer you that one moment in life again and again and again, each time being a new moment.

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Via : Yanko Design

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