Uplift Your Soul with Remote Control Football/Soccer Shoes

There are so many creative games introduced in the market almost every other day, but only a few of them become instant hits because of the sheer excitement they offer.  Remote Control Football game

One such fast, inspiring, and action-packed game released recently is the Remote-Control Football/Soccer Shoes. This exciting game would surely come as a surprise and could offer a sigh of relief to the parents whose children always pass their time before television and web. It is really a great idea to keep the children busy.

Just glancing through the game, one could easily get amazed with the creativity the wireless game offers. I am sure all your colleagues, family, and guests would be surprised to see a pair of shoes pampering in their activity to outclass the other.

Priced at around $77 or £49.50, these are value for money products which will definitely keep the kids and teens pre-occupied alike. You can also buy the remote control football shoe by piece if money is constraint, though it won’t make sense driving a single soccer shoe by itself.

Each soccer shoe comes equipped with four wheels and can be steered in any direction with the use of the wireless remote. This exciting game can last up to 2 hours of playtime with 4 x AA batteries. The Football boots are just sturdy plastic, and each measures 23 x 8 x 11 cm (9″ x 3 1⁄10″ x 4 1⁄3″) and weighs 285g (10 oz).  The goal and plastic ball which comes along with the game measures 7cm (3″) in diameter.

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Via: Ohgizmo

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