Robocop Auto-9 Replica Hand Gun for Fans of Famous Cop

Guns are very popular weapons of all superheroes and super cops. All of them are distinct, uniquely belonging to a particular character. Just like we cannot imagine James Bond without his gun and his famous pose. We cannot think of the famous movie series character, Robocop, without his Auto-9 revolver which fires in three round bursts. Here is a replica of the Robocop’s Auto-9 hand gun for all the fans and gun collectors.


Human imagination knows no bounds and the very evolution of Robocop from simple human cop to robotic cop is very interesting.  It was this very element of fantasy that made Robocop extremely popular with geeks and fans of science fiction movies. I am sure all fans will love to have this special Robocop replica gun in their collectibles. Needless to say, it is a perfect replica and one can dress up as Robocop and use the gun in similar style to feel that element of power which can destroy evil. This look-a-like auto-9 prop replica costs $109.02 and will be an excellent gift for true collectors of different movie memorabilia.

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