Sabre Sword Handle Umbrella

Ah the Sabre! I always loved those things when I saw them in the movies. They look so deadly, well they are deadly actually once swung on someone’s neck.

And, I don’t think there is anyone who can deny the fact that the Sabre is one of the sexiest weapon ever designed. I think even the look of it can make you look like a samurai and that is what I like about it!

Anyways, here we are not talking about sabre alone but we are talking about something which blends the sexy look of the sabre along with an umbrella! Surprised? You should be because what we are about to show you is something really cool. Well, let’s just say that it’s time to rejuvenate the fear of the sabre once again, but this time you will be faking it or else the cops will be on your head. So, let me present to you the Sabre Sword Handle Umbrella. Oh and don’t mind us calling it ‘Sabre’ instead of ‘Saber’ because that’s what the manufacturers like calling the product.

Okay so this Sabre Sword Handle Umbrella is not only Sabr-ish but it is also quite elegant and classy looking. Although there is nothing the Sabre handle can do – I mean you can’t chop of heads like a machete. It’s just there for fun and to add a bit classiness to the umbrella. Imagine, you are walking on the streets, it starts raining and you take out the Sabre with the violent streak in your eyes and then suddenly pop out the umbrella… I am sure all of them around you would be shocked for a while! Wouldn’t that be cool? For sure it would be and the best part is that all of this can be done in just $34.99. Yup, that is the price of this umbrella and if you think that is expensive then you should get a good face wash my friend!

Here are some of the specifications:

• Push button opening

• Nylon scabbard included, with adjustable shoulder strap

• Dimensions: 33.5″ long x 40″ opened diameter

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