This Shirt pocket Digital Projector is the New Aged Killer Geek Device

Be it an aspiring movie director or a new age detective trying to show the evidences of a case or if you want to play the video of your last vacation or being a marketing person you have to show some presentation then this small Digital Projector is the best device one can have. Its really ultra compact with a size of 1″H x 2 1/2″ W x 4 1/4″ L (1 lb) “Shirt pocket Digital Projector” of best convenience, so it can be carried whenever and wherever you want to. Nowadays in electronics world you know that smaller and compact devices are how much effective and it displays images up to 20″- diag., even during the time when your computer’s not working or electricity’s not there.

Digital Projector

This projector is a unique one as it uses the same technology which is used in projection televisions called LCOS technology. Its brightly lit LED are rated for 30,000 hours and this projector displays an excellent resolution of 640 x 480 with a 20:1 contrast ratio when it is connected to devices like laptop or PDA, PSP or even a DVD player as it being a standalone device, can also be played through MP4 or AVI video format transferred to its 1GB internal memory of micro-SD memory card through USB.

Digital Projector

This magical device can also project JPG, GIF and BMP images and can also play MP3 audio as it has an in built speaker. Don’t get scared on reading this trying to figure out how to control this multi functioned device because its really simple to operate as there are onscreen menu to guide and can be accessed using pushbutton only and the focus is controlled by twisting the lens. With a rechargeable li-ion battery, it provides power up to one hour on a full charge and can be plugged into AC. It comes with AV cable, AC adapter and mini tripod. With a life time guarantee it comes in a price of $299.95.

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USB Digital Projector

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