Colorful Tetris Bricks Soap Bars

If you know any gamers that spend so much time playing video games that they forget to wash up, these Tetris Bricks soap bars may provide a good incentive for them to finally do so.
level 9 tetris soap

Just like tricking children into doing their homework, brushing their teeth or performing different household chores, these Tetris soap bars are cool enough and resemble one of the most popular video games of all times, meaning they could actually be cool enough for gamers to use.

tetris bricks soap

The complete set of 15 Tetris soaps run for only $9.75 and provide variety of shapes that pack together tightly, just like pros are familar with on Level 9 of Tetris. Moreover, just like at that high level, the colors of the soaps match those of the Tetris bricks, making it really hit home for old school gamers.

tetris soap bars

The only problem would be if they try to rearrange it for hours to fit just right before actually washing their hands. Once they finally do wash up before dinner, they could spend a lot of time with the Tetris Salt and Pepper grinders while at the actual table.

tetris soap bar

tetris level 9

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