The Future’s Rubbish!

That’s how they say it! The Folks at Framework Creative Ltd revealed the future of the automotive industry. But is that how it is actually going to be? I don’t think so… I think this is more of an example of a unique car. I don’t think the masses would be interested in buying such a spidey looking car.

Or maybe, who knows they will! Who knows the future… Maybe there will be a time when Lamborghinis will look like this, and Ferraris will be eagles, and of course, Fords would be bears!

These pictures by Framework Creative Ltd show a car that is completely unique, and obviously, have incorporated a spider look. Although it looks way bigger than the normal cars we see, I wonder why they think it’s the future. Maybe these guys are right, at times it’s just about being different. But, I guess there is a fine line between being different and being different in a good way. Couldn’t they make it more attractive and realistic?

I mean, at least they could have chopped down those huge legs a bit? That would have made the car look much more decent and good. Besides, if we are talking about a change in the automotive industry, then why not change the mid-section as well. Right now, it does not look like a unique vehicle but it looks like a modified old school Lamborghini.

Well, I certainly do agree with the folks that the future is rubbish. And honestly, if that is the truth, then it is truly rubbish. This car model stands nowhere. It’s neither a completely unique car nor is it a standard sports car. A unique car’s definition according to me is a car that is completely and I mean completely different from the rest. But, unfortunately this so called unique car has nothing different to it.

The mid-section is the same. Just adding some spidey legs doesn’t make the car unique. I guess these folks need to put in some more effort to come up with some actual rubbish. Something that would actually look like rubbish instead of looking humorous!

Anyhow, check out some more concepts here: The Audi IceKraft and The Credo E-Bone Bus.

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