The Gorillapod is a Photographer’s Dream Gadget!

Imagine you are in Hawaii on a vacation of your lifetime and you want to take a shot of yourself swimming but unfortunately you are alone. Not to mention, you can’t even ask anyone to take your shot because you are afraid that he might run away with your expensive DSLR, so what would you do? Don’t even think about keeping your camera on the rocks while you dive because your camera might slip.

Puzzled? Don’t be because this Gorillapod is here to solve all the mysteries. Whether you are climbing the tallest tree or you are diving, this thing be kept anywhere and it can hold your camera easily regardless of its size.

The Gorillapod is capable of holding your camera firmly on any base and trust me that is how it is. No bragging here – this Gorillapod is a flexible stand for your cameras that can fit in any environment on any base. This is a tripod every photographer would love to have.

Once you have this thing, you won’t need to find a flat surface to place your tripod on. Any surface is perfect for the Gorillapod! Moreover, imagine the different angles you can use to take the shot. The Gorillapod holds up your camera in any angle you want it to. Like I said, it’s pretty flexible so it can do whatever you want it to do.

There are three versions of the Gorillapod available and here are they…

Gorillapod Original – This one is a midsized Gorillapod that weighs 275g with the total dimensions being 5.9” x 1.2” x 1.2”. The camera interface in this one is 1/ 4-20 screw.

Gorillapod SLR – This one is meant for SLR and handycams. It weighs around 1.7 lbs and has the same universal interface as the one above.

Gorillapod SLR zoom – This one is the professional version tripod. All tripod mountable cameras can be mounted on this one. It weighs around 3 kg and has the same interface as well.

All of the versions come with one year warrant and the price ranges from $19.99 to $49.99.

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