The Table Tennis Trainer

Table tennis players always complain about companies not targeting them when they make new gadgets. For once, their complaints have been listened and this Table Tennis Trainer has been introduced. If you have ever seen a tennis ball machine you will know how this one works.

You can think of it as a mini version of the mighty tennis ball machine. Any novice table tennis player can get this machine and practice his game with it. The machine is capable of throwing a steady stream of balls at variable speeds so that you can practice all your moves.

Think of it – at times you are alone and you want to practice your game, what do you do? Well, usually you go calling up your neighbors or friends to help you out but that doesn’t work that well, does it? Besides, if you want to train the professional way, I don’t think your friends can help you out with it. It is always good to train with a person that knows different moves so you practice yourself for everything. This machine has that very capability of throwing the balls in different styles. You can select the Underspin mode in which the balls rotate away from the player and the player needs to hit the chop stroke. You can also select the Topspin mode in which the top of the ball rotates away from the player. And lastly, you also can choose the Heavy Topspin which throws the ball at a high rpm rotation so you must be capable of making a controlled downward stroke to make the perfect shot.

This machine can hold around 110 balls and can throw them at any rate ranging from 12 to 70 per minute. You can select the speed from the adjustable speed dial. It can be easily set up on any table tennis table top. It is powered by an AC adapter which you get with the package. The AC adapter comes with a 4 ½-inch cord. You don’t get the balls in the package so you have to buy them separately. The overall dimensions of the machine are 19″ H x 11″ Diameter and it weighs 10 lbs. This machine is available for $149.95.

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