Toothpaste Pete Ends All Bribes And Threats To Get Kids To Brush

Getting kids to brush their teeth twice a day has always been a tough task for most parents, as I used to hate it when my mom woke me up early in the morning and made me brush my teeth, it was no better feeling at the end of the day after dinner. But here is something, rather someone who might be able to make this task a lot simpler. Welcome Toothpaste Pete, your friendly toothpaste Dog-spenser, err…dispenser. He is here to teach kids how important it is to brush their teeth twice a day.

funny toothpaste pete dispenser

These cool new toothpaste heads are the new craze among all the kids and adults alike, they really put up a smile on your face early in the morning. These toothpaste heads fit almost all the standard toothpaste tubes available in market, they are so cool that even adults can’t refrain from them. Pete readily replaces the standard toothpaste cap and then lets the real fun begin, he dispenses the paste in a totally new manner, right through his mouth!

Pete sells for 4.99, which is really reasonable considering the pain that parents go through every morning. And as all know, it is easier to brush your teeth while you are smiling, so please let Pete put a smile on your face every morning!.

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