Awesome Wall-E Piñata Craft is Full of Sweets

Wall-E has always been a favorite among kids, but its cute and friendly personality has won many adults hearts as well. SO when we see a Wall-E Piñata craft was made, we can totally scream out and say “Sweet!”.funny wall e pinata

This Wall-E Piñata has a lot going for it besides its good looks; it is simple, it is full of candy, and it could make any frowning kid excited no matter what Birthday part he/she is at. As you stuff candy in its belly and tie it up for any child to hit it, make sure to not look in those eyes, for then you would start feeling guilty and woudl reconsider your prior plans.

What you must remember is that this Wall-E Pinata is made for hitting, made to break and is just another character that is made to make kids happy with its demise.

Via: Etsy’s

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