Want to Check Your Cycling Speed? Use this Pocket Radar!

If you really want to check your cycling speed or your driving speed then this is the gadget you should have! Don’t get me wrong, I am not encouraging you to test your Moto GP skills on the streets.

I am trying to tell you that the next time you want to participate in a cycling race, this gizmo can be of great help in showing you your accurate speed. Besides, there are times when you can just have fun trying to monitor the speed of others isn’t it? That would be so cool actually.

How about you see a nice Ferrari coming your way and you feel like knowing the exact speed of it, you take out the Pocket Radar and click – there you go, you got it!

Here is the best part – this Pocket Radar is a K-Band Doppler Speed Radar that can measure speeds from 7 MPH to 375 MPH. Well, that would be exactly 11 KPH to 600 KPH according to the metric system. Another good part about it is that it can be used in measure anything, whether it is a baseball, a car, or a bird (provided it’s in the range). But, be careful, don’t you expect to measure the speed of a bullet. It won’t be dangerous for the radar but can be dangerous for you.

Here are specifications about the radar:

– It is a K-Band Handheld Doppler Speed Radar

– It is quite easy to use with the Point and Shoot click button

– Can measure speeds from 7 MPH to 375 MPH

– It has Automatic Power Shutdown

– Has both MPH and KPH display modes

– Has an operation frequency of 24.125 GHz

– Has a High Stability Dielectric Resonator Oscillator

– Built on High Speed DSP Technology

– Patent Pending Low-Noise Zero IF Receiver Circuitry

This radar is available for $199.99 which I think is a pretty inexpensive for such a gadget. I agree it might not fascinate everyone out there, but the speed racers would surely go head over heels after seeing it!

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