The World’s Strangest Sex Laws & A New Career Opportunity in Guam [Infographic]

Sex is something that the majority of the world seeks and seeks to enjoy, although some want to restrict it (and not for reasons of pleasure – mostly). Given the desire for sexual activity globally, certain cities and countries have taken steps to control sex in their jurisdiction. The 20 strangest sex laws around the world … and hopefully not where you live (unless it’s Guam).

Between allowing women to exact revenge on cheating husbands and their lovers, enduring decapitation for some self-pleasure or even being restricted from having sex with a virgin at anytime in Washington State, some sex can be not only dangerous, but also illegal. On the other hand, weird sex rules like not being allowed to wear a penis costume as a member of the Nevada Legislature (damn, there goes my Halloween costume) and not eating a lamb after having sex with it (life as a shepherd gets lonely, I guess) make sense … although you’d think they’d be given and not have to be actually written out. Now one sex law I’m sure many guys here will like the idea of is Guam’s law where no virgin may be married and the job of making sure that no bride remains one pre-nuptials.

What’s the weirdest sex law you know?

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