Bizarre Fitness Equipment Concepts

With the Summer coming on strong, many of us in less than stellar-shape look for ways to get back on the wagon in a hurry, Generally, this means eating better and going back to the gym at least every other day. Others, however, prefer a more unconventional approach, and there is no shortage of bizarre fitness ideas if that is the path you are looking to take. Here are some rather strange pieces of equipment that may or may not help you get into better shape.

Foldaway Armoire Gym

Going to the gym to workout is generally perceived as a pain in the butt for good reason. You have to get changed, drive there, fight off the gym rats to use the equipment you want, meanwhile you are often surrounded by juiced neanderthals grunting about a foot away from your face. You do have the option of throwing that away, however, with this foldaway armoire gym. Everything that you need to get a full body workout conveniently packed away into a piece of bed room furniture. The gym takes up about 40″ of wall space when opened and 28″ when folded away. Bring some help, though, since as you might expect, the gym weighs about 500 pounds. There are a variety of workouts available thanks to a complex system of pulleys and weights


Unlike your local Bowflex machine, though, cardio is an option too. The armoire gym includes an exercise bike so you can burn those calories pedaling to nowhere.

Upper Aerobic Exercise

Call me crazy, but this upper body aerobic exerciser seemingly looks a lot like the shake weight, that ridiculous piece of infomercial equipment that was debunked as a valid form of exercise. Still, there might be some benefit to this particular piece of equipment, and it certainly looks flashy. The idea here is that the two handgrips you see are surrounded by circular rings. A synthetic pulley is attaches them together. The user must then grip his or her hands on the handgrips and then hold it perpendicular to their chest. By rotating your hands in a cyclical motion, you produce an upper body workout. In theory, anyway. Each ring has teflon bearings embedded on them which ensures that they will glide effortlessly. The piece is designed to work your major muscle groups like the chest, biceps, and shoulder blades.

The Ergonomic GymGym Desk Chair

As a whole, those of us in the United States spend entirely too much time sitting in a chair. We sit at work while plugging away at the office, and we sit entirely too much at home watch the latest and greatest episode of Burn Notice. That latter part might be just me, but the point is we need to get moving. Thankfully, someone came up with an idea that allows us to combine sitting with getting some extra exercise. This ergonomic GymGym desk chair promises to help offset the deteriorating and increasingly sedentary lifestyle of your average office worker. According to the designer, this chair has been designed to help ward off inactivity and the ill effects that go along with it. The patented design does this through two technologies. The first is the seating structure, which has contour forming features that allow the chair to adjust to the body of the user, providing a comfortable fit while also strengthening and conditioning.

When you are ready to take a break from work, you can pull out a number of different workout attachments that can help exercise your muscles without ever leaving your seat. You can see a number of different exercise bands protruding from the chair, so you can workout your major upper body muscle groups via each one. These include bicep curls, chest exercises, and shoulders. Whether you want to start huffing and puffing while still in your shirt and tie, however, is another matter. I’d also love to see the look on your coworkers’ collective faces when you roll one of these bad boys into the office. They’ll think you have gone insane, or at the very least have a very expensive taste for chairs. Either way, it might not be feasible to get a workout in while sitting at the office for social reasons alone.

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