6 Summer Grill Accessories

Consumers tend to be rather rabid about their dedication to making a mean BBQ, but you will need the proper accessories to make that perfect meal. Here are 6 Summer grill accessories than any enthusiast will enjoy.

Big Daddy Grill Cleaner

Depending on how many days of the season you fire up the grill, that’s going to lead to a lot of buildup of soot, burnt food bits, and other carcinogens you would probably be better off without. Sure, you could go with a regular old cleaner to get the job done, but as we guys know, bigger is better. This “Big Daddy” of grill cleaners will have your grill sprakling and clean in no time flat. The cleaner actually uses steam technology to clear the buildup off your grill and sterilize the surface in the process. The body frame has a bright steel color finish so that all your friends and neighbors no who rules the outdoors. In summary, this is a ton of cleaning power squished into 3 pounds.

Flowerpot Grill

If you live in a small house or an apartment complex, you might not have enough space to put in a full size grill. Instead, then, you need to make the most out of the space you have. Thankfully, this flowerpot grill is here to help. When you aren’t grilling, it serves as a nice looking plant-filled addition to any home. When you are ready for some grilled burgers, however, simply remove the top and reveal a handy little grill. It won’t be able to service an entire party of grilled culinary treats, but it gets the job done in short order.

The Grillenium Falcon

Combining Star Wars with a classic Summertime activity makes me wonder why no one had come up with something like this before. As you can see, this Grillenium Falcon serves up all sorts of goodies from a galaxy far far away, including a grilled cheese sandwich shaped like the universe’s fastest ship…maybe. The bottom line is Star Wars fans need to eat too, so why not serve it up in a manner with which they are familiar.

iGrill Meat Thermometer

I know it cliche at this point to say something like “There’s an app for that,” but I really didn’t think that there would be an iPhone/iPad application that can monitor the temperature of your meat. With that said, making sure that your meat is thoroughly cooked is always important, and if you can better monitor it through your local iPad, then why not go for it? The iGrill promises to keep an eye on how hot our food is getting and alert you once it reaches the appropriate threshold. Since you need an additional accessory, however, expect to pay a premium for the ability to keep track of your meat’s temperature.


As the name suggests, sometimes a good old fashioned outdoor backdoor BBQ can be appropriately spruced up with the right theme. Imitating a mushroom from the iconic Mario Bros. series, this grilltendo will have all of your friends joking and laughing while eating a delicious hot dog fresh off the grill. This little grill is one of a kind, though, so if you want a similar layout to your grill you will need some paint and a do-it-yourself attitude. I think a grill that looks like Yoshi would be equally cool.

Fiddme App

Even if you think you are the best chef ever to grace the grill scene, chances are you will want to look up new recipes on occasion. For that, Fiddme serves as a community of people that simply love food, and there isn’t any reason not to join. Whether you want to get a little more intricate with your burgers or want some inspiration for a recipe you would like to make your own, Fiddme is here to help. Since it also tracks local destinations, you might be able to get some pictures of the local BBQ places and see if there isn’t something you could take away from their dishes.

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