Personal Hovercraft Board

You may not be able to get yourself a real hoverboard like in Back to the Future, but now available is an actual personal Hovercraft that at least grants you the feeling.

personal hovercraft

This personal Hovercraft, also named the Air Board, is a great gadget for those who can afford a $14,000 toy to move around with. It does not go as fast as a Segway but it can move you around at speeds up to 15MPH over concrete, asphalt, grass or shallow wet areas. Still, just like Marty McFly experienced in the movie’s sequel, the Air Board will not work over water, including not functioning over stones, sand or dirt.

There is a steering wheel that has both brakes and gas levers for easy acceleration and braking. To steer, you would need to sway left or right as you would on a skateboard or skiis.

hover board gadget

It is gas powered with a capacity of 1.3 gallons, which is good for an approximate ride of one hour.

It may be rather expensive, but for some rich boys it may be a perfect luxury gadget.

personal air board

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  4. HP .

    i’m making a real hoverboard that uses magnetic wind capacity to make it go. pretty cool huh? yea boi!!

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